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Scuba Diving in Italy

seaside in Italy

When diving in Italy you´ll see crystal clear water a big variety of fish and wrecks from both Roman times as well as World War 1 and 2. Italy has numerous islands, to mention the most famous, Sicily, Sardinia, Elba, Ponza and VentoteneItaly is separated into regions. Each region has its own lifestyle, cuisine and culture. If you travel from southern Italy to northern Italy, it might feel as though you´ve come to a different country. 

At the island of Sicily you can find some amazing wrecks like the Wreck of Columns, an ancient Roman wreck that sunk more than 2000 years ago. The wreck of Columns is in the bay of Cape Taormina, where you can also find Grotta Azura and at a depth of 16 m you can discover the Shrimp´s cave. If you´d like a different kind of wreck there´s  a german fighter-bomber from WW2 that lies at a depth of 46 m in Palermo. If you´re a tech diver this is defiantly worth a visit.

Lobster in ItalyIf you like lobsters, and yes we don´t mean to eat, there are many beautiful dive sites outside the island Ventotene. For example Gorgonie Rosse and Scogli di Capri where you can meet hundreds of lobsters. We also recommend diving at Le Sconciglie where you can watch beautiful coral formations and take amazing photos. Or why not dive at the colorful swim through La Secchitella.

Just outside Rome you´ll find Costacuti reef. here you can have an amazing wall dive. The wall is covered with red gorgonian corals and at a depth of 42 m you can find a roman ship anchor laying at the bottom. The deepest known sink hole in the world,Pozzo del Merro, is almost 400 meters deep, also located outside Rome. There are some amazing wrecks in the area. If you would like to dive at a submarine you have the HMS Regent a British submarine used in WW2. The 40 m long wreck lies at a perfect depth of 35 m. Or hw about a wreck that got sunk by the torpedo? Perhaps it was the HMS Regent that sank the Attilio Deffenu.  This liberty class light armed cruiser sank in 1941. The 100 meter long wreck now lies at a depth of 40 m.

Sardinia is an autonomous region in Italy. Sardinia is famous for its beaches ant colorful surroundings, unique history and rustic cuisine. Sardinia is not only a paradise for scuba divers it is a paradise for those who want peace and tranquility too. Sardinia has a variety of wildlife, flamingos, falcons, wild boars and many more. Outside Sardinia

red sea fan and orange fish in ItalyTavolara marine park is a protected cooral habitat and has been since 1997. It´s known for its sea fans and large sponges. The striking characteristics surrounding Tavolara and Molara islands is its rich habitat and diversity to represent almost everything that the Mediterranean sea has to offer. The dense diversity of this area will guartantee even the most demanding divers a great experience.

The most famous dive site in Tavolara marine park is Secca del Papa. Rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. If you prefer cave dive Il Grotone should be your choise. It opens up from under the regal limestone cliff of the Tavolara. The outside of the cave is covered with a mantle of green algae, sciafile and red algae, while inside, where the light rarely penetrates, bryozoa and coelenterates fight for every centimetre of available surface, creating an incredible variety of colours that only the light of a torch may discover. If your passion is shipwrecks you can find both  2000 year old Roman cargo roman ships, as well as WW1 and 2 battle ships.  

Tourist Information

There are over 100 different types of pasta, and each region has its own. Why not try as many as you can! Dinner is always eaten past 8pm. If you’re hungry at 5pm, go to a pasticceria and get a hot chocolate and some pastries. If you’re hungry at 7pm go to a bar and order an aperitivo. The Italians will think you´re quite odd showing up for dinner before 8pm.

Fishes in ItalyIf you´re traveling inside EU a visa is not required. But if your country isn´t a member of the EU a visa might be required. Check with the embassy in your home country. The best time to visit Italy is during April to early October.  High season is mid-June to August. To visit a church you have to be properly dressed. No showing your knees or shoulders! The Customs restrictions in Italy are not so difficult. Travelling inside or outside EU, there are no restrictions for import and export.   

The currency in Italy is Euro. Always bring cash! Credit cards are not widely accepted. You can’t pay anything that is less than 10 Euros with a credit card. Even if the amount is over 10 euros you won´t be popular paying with card. Banks are only open in the morning and for one hour in the afternoon.

To get around in Italy, there´s bus, train or car. You don´t wave a taxi in Italy. Walk to one of the taxi stands where they wait in line, they´re usually located close to main attractions. If you call a cab, you are often charged for the time it takes for it to get to you. Buses are available but it is hard to get information about them since there´s no national bus company. Buses in Italy don´t go long fares. Long travels you´ll have to do by train. However you can reach almost any destination in Italy with train and buses. And the price isn´t very high.

If you rent a car, be aware that petrol and highway tolls are quite expensive. You´ve probably heard the rumors about driving in Italy, driving and parking in a big Italian city might be stressful, so don´t let it ruin your vacation.

Italy uses 220 V, 50 Hz power supply. If needed bring an adapter.

Public Holidays in Italy

New Year’s DayJanuary 1
EpiphanyJanuary 6
Easter Sunday 
Easter Monday 
Anniversary of Italy’s liberationApril 25
Labor DayMay 1
Anniversary of the institution of the RepublicJune 2
(Ferragosto), AssumptionAugust 15
All SaintsNovember
AnnunciazioneDecember 8
ChristmasDecember 25
St StefanoDecember 26