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King Cruiser Wreck
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Andaman Sea, Thailand
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Location Andaman Sea, Thailand
Water type Salt water
Average current none
Average logged depth 29 meters (95,1443571 feet)
Maximum logged depth 32 meters (104,9868768 feet)
DiversHotSpot AB2011-09-20Report
In the middle of Andaman sea, close to the Anemone reef 30 meters down lays a shipwreck covered in coral and shells. This is the wreck of the King Cruiser.

Back in 1969 at the Nippon Kokan K. K. Tsurumi Shipyard in Yokohama a 85 meter long steel diesel motor vessel was built to serve as a ferry in Japan under the name MV Rokko Maru during the coming 21 years.
In 1990 the MV Rokko Maru was sold to Songserm. Co in Bangkok which renamed the ship to the last name it would bear, the MV King Cruiser.

When the ferry on day the 4th of May in 1997 on it's way over well known waters between Phuket and Phi Phi Islands in the south of Thailand the ship suddenly, and surprisingly hit a submerged collection of rocky pinnacles at the Anemone reef, which split the reef in two, as well as tore up a whole in the hull of the King Cruiser, which with it's almost 3000 tons had sunk to the bottom of the sandy sea floor within the next 2,5 hours. Luckily all 561 passengers survived, even though a woman sustained a broken back in the chaos.
Now the King Cruiser is the one and only ship wreck in the area and attracts lots of divers from far to dive on it. The ship is almost entirely intact except the foreword on the upper deck has collapsed. Today it also serve as an artificial reef and coral and shells have found it as home, and a lot of animal life has emerged around it. At the top of the ship, 16 meters below surface, schools of yellow snappers like swimming around. Around the ship lionfish, grouper and occasionally leopard-, bamboo- and whale- shark, barracuda and sea turtle can bee seen.

Written by Fredrik Mattsson for DiversHotSpot.