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Snorkeling a different experience


There are two ways to look at snorkeling; as a non-scuba diver curious and interested in what lies beneath the surface and as a scuba diver wanting to get the most out of the sea.

The scuba diver goes snorkeling

Most scuba divers start out as snorkelers wanting more, once they start breathing compressed air they never go back to snorkeling. This is sad because as a snorkeler you experience something you may not with an open circuit. This is one of the reasons rebreathers are becoming more and more popular, as is free diving. The sound created while breathing scares animals and the heavy equipment makes you slow and clumsy.

Next time, after your dive, take off your tank and BCD but keep your weights, fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit (a drysuit is too clumsy). Make a few dives holding your breath and notice how different the animals react to you, listen to the sounds and feel how free you feel.
There is a chance you will get hooked on snorkeling and then move over to free diving or perhaps move over to tech diving and rebreathers.

Snorkeling, easy access to the underwater world

The easiest way to start exploring what hides beneath the surface is with a pair of fins, mask and snorkel. Just lying on the surface watching colorful corals and fishes swimming around below you can be amazing. Taking a deep breath joining the animals under the surface will give you a feeling of freedom, weightlessness and the different sounds and stillness below the surface is almost magical.

Snorkeling is great for several reasons; it’s accessible to everyone, young and old, handicapped and overweight. It’s fun easy and relaxing and can be mentally stimulating as well as competitive. Meeting a dolphin or a whale shark can be one of the most amazing experiences in your life.

Snorkeling Safety

Snorkeling is easy to access and fun, it’s not difficult in any way but still people die every week while snorkeling. Therefor there are a few things you need to know and a few safety measures you must take.

Never go snorkeling on your own, if something happens you might need assistance. Stay close to shore and know your surroundings, strong currents and tides can move you far away. Do not touch marine life, some are deadly poisonous and some will get hurt by your interference. Retain your energy and do not push yourself too hard, exhaustion can be fatal.

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This week featured Dive Site: IL GROTTONE

IL GROTTONE dive site map


Location:Mediterranean Sea, Italy
Water:Salt Water
Depth:18 meters
Briefing Map Uploaded by:
Blu infinito diving center
Site Description Uploaded by:
Blu infinito diving center


Another naturalistically rich dive is offered by this large cavity, it opens up from under the regal limestone cliff of the Tavolara, at a depth of 16-18 metres. From the buoy it is necessary to continue for 40-50 metres with the wall on the left to reach the cave. The outside of the cave is covered with a mantle of green algae, sciafile and red algae, while inside, where the light rarely penetrates, bryozoa and coelenterates fight for every centimetre of available surface, creating an incredible variety of colours that only the light of a torch may discover. It is easy to see dotted sea slugs grazing on sponges and hydrozoa, or ceriantus scattered here and there along the sandy, sediment bottom of the cave. We can often see lobsters, crabs, shrimps and other crustaceans who like to remain in the dark at day time. For those who love greater depths and larger fish, going down to 30metres to look for "Nerone", a large example of brown grouper is “a must”.

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